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This is the official wiki about the GaleemDharkon series on Scratch and YouTube, and everything related to it. This includes the series such as the Mayrio series, which consists of both meme animations, parodies, and games. This wiki also contains articles not only about the GaleemDharkon series, but also unofficial fanmade episodes of the GD series. Please note that this wiki is a work in progress so please help us if possible, and keep our wiki as friendly as possible!

We're a collaborative community website about the GaleemDharkon series that anyone, including you, can build and expand. Wikis like this one depend on readers getting involved and adding content. Click the "ADD NEW PAGE" or "EDIT" button at the top of any page to get started! We are in great need of more editors to help us transcribe and add more pages about the characters and episodes of the GaleemDharkon series.

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GDM (GaleemDharkonMario) is one of the protagonists of the GaleemDharkon series. He has sometimes appeared in the Mayrio series, but is usually not the protagonist of those episodes. GDM represents GaleemDharkon, who is the Scratcher in charge of the GD series... Read more

What is the GaleemDharkon series?

Full article: GaleemDharkon series
The GaleemDharkon series is a popular comedy and parody meme series located on Scratch. Most episodes consist of mostly wacky adventures of Mario who goes on adventures often with outrageous and funny plots. Some episodes are interactable, and usually have some sort of parody element, such as new new new new new new supa mayrio bruh, a parody episode of New Super Mario Bros. games.

★ Important Categories ★

Q: Can I make whatever I want here? Like a page for myself?

A: No, you cannot. This is NOT a wiki where you can do anything you want. It is only for GaleemDharkon series episodes and characters. You can only create a page for yourself if you have some sort of relation to the topic of the GaleemDharkon series and its episodes (such as being a voice actor, or contributor to the creation of its episodes).

Q: Is this a chatroom?

A: No, this is NOT a chatroom. It is a wiki for the episodes in the GaleemDharkon series.

Q: Can I add information to pages?

A: Of course! Every edit helps, as long as it's not vandalism or trolling ;)

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Latest episode:

Mario buys Luigi an RC car

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